According to Wikipedia, in the context of electronic messaging; spam refers to unsolicited, bulk or indiscriminate messages, typically sent for advertising or commercial purposes. We at Impulse data solutions have a zero-tolerance spam policy and comply with the CAN-SPAM Act 2003 of the US anti-spam legislation.

We at Impulse data solutions have an automated messaging system in place which scans all the incoming emails and other messages, and rejects messages that appear to be spam. Since the messaging system is completely automated it’s not 100% accurate; occasionally even authentic and legitimate emails or messages are rejected by our messaging system. If you suspect this has happened to any of the messages sent by you, please advise the recipient by other means. To prevent this from happening upto an extent, you can send the email in plain text instead of HTML and remove any attachments, if there are any; and scan the email or the message for malware before sending it.

We also use uncompromising security measures to prevent any kind of misuse or loss of data used by our systems. Our commitment also ensures that your email addresses are safe, secure and private; and are not used for any other purposes. We will never share your personal info without your prior approval, unless ordered by a court of law. In an implausible occurrence, if you receive any email or message from Impulse data solutions or their systems that is considered to be spam in nature, please contact us immediately through the contact form provided on the website. We assure you the matter will be given quick attention and resolved at the earliest.

The right to change the anti-spam policy is reserved by Impulse data solutions only. This anti-spam policy might be revised / altered any time by showcasing a new version on this website. If you have any queries related to this anti-spam policy, please contact us through the contact form provided on the website.